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There are many online websites which posts jokes, just for laughs messages daily and also sometimes you will recieve them as forward sms from your friends on mobile phones. If you’re bored or stressed, these just laughs messages will be very helpful. So, with the huge database of 50,000+ jokes in the palm of your hand can be possible with iLaugh iPhone app.

This is what iLaugh app says ” iLaugh puts a database of over 50,000 jokes in the palm of your hand. Vote on your favorite jokes, compile a list of your favorites, share jokes with your friends via Twitter and Facebook, and most importantly, have a good laugh.”

The Categories feature gives you the ability to only read the jokes that interest you. Additionally, you can filter out adult jokes or jokes voted down by the community. Some of the popular categories include Bar Jokes, Yo Mama!, Pick up lines, IRC quotes and many more..

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