Send Links from Google Chrome to iPhone, iPad


When ever you wanted to send some links from your iPhone to desktop browser for reading, for the most part, you email yourself and open the links in your desktop browser. But, now sending links from your mobile device to desktop is made easier with addons and mobile apps. You can easily send links from your iPhone, iPad to Chrome or vice versa (Chrome to iPhone)

Push Browser app lets you to share links between devices instantly. Pretty cool, right through the cloud. Push Browser lets you to share links between Chrome to iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. To send links from Chrome desktop browser to your iOS device, you need to install Push browser chrome extension to share links with your iOS devices.

Once you’ve installed the Push browser chrome addon, signup for free by entering your email address. Then, a small cloud icon will appear on your addressbar. Just leave it and then proceed to iOS app store to purchase Push browser iOS app. Now purchase the Push browser iOS app and install it on your iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Now configure the Push browser app by clicking the gear icon in your iOS device. Once you’ve clicked, go to the account settings, enter your Push browser email ID and password which you’ve used in setting up the chrome browser addon.

Alright, now you’re ready to send, share links between your iPhone and your desktop computer (Chrome browser). Now close the chrome browser and refresh it to start using push browser. On iPhone, click the icon which you generally use it for bookmarking pages from the menu, there you can find a option ‘Send Link to this page’.

When using on Chrome browser, click on the cloud icon and choose the device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to send the links to the mobile devices.

Download Push browser app

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