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Fax machines are outdated and these days people use them rarely to send some official signatures and transmit some legal information. Fax machines are widely used in government institutions and few other business places. They still think it is more secure than attaching files or digital signatures in Email.

For a average person, fax machines are useless because they don’t use them often. Maybe once or twice a year is maximum usage. So for people who just need fax machines accidently to send some original photo copies of proof or for some other need, then can always try out sending fax messages online. There are online fax services that provides you a unique fax number to receive faxes and also with monthly subscription you can send fax messages.

HelloFax is a useful online fax message service that allows you to send fax message from your computer. Never use a fax machine again. Send faxes from any computer. It’s as simple as sending email.

All you need to do is, just enter the fax number, upload the file copies, include signature (if necessary – You can add digital signature to your documents). Instead of printing, signing & scanning documents – you can upload your own signature, draw it with your mouse, or email it in with your smartphone.

You can just fill out the form or application file from the browser. Hello fax accepts file formats such as PDF, Word, JPEG and many more.

HelloFax is free for the first 5 pages, after which $1.99 per fax. They also provide a monthly subscription of $4.99 that includes 50 fax pages and a personal fax number for receiving faxes. Extra pages are 10 cents per page.

Hello Fax – Send Fax from Computer

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