Pwrdrain Windows Gadget Shows Laptop Battery Power drain in Real time


If you’re using Windows laptop, then you might know how much battery power it drains and there is also a small icon in the taskbar that shows how many more hours the battery power will stay on and stuff. But, this one shows the current power drain in real time.

Pwrdrain is a windows sidebar gadget that shows the current power drain in your laptop real time. Unlike other power meters, it doesn’t show the remaining battery charge, but it alerts you how the battery drain in real time such as when you insert multiple USB devices or turn up the display brightness or any other program that normally consumes more power, it alerts you in real time.

There are many factors that can drain laptop battery soon such as turning on WiFi, heavy power consumption programs such as video editing, too much brightness, connecting external cables and usb devices to other mobile or computer devices and so on.. can consumbe large portion of your battery power. So this pwrdrain gadget will alert you in real time about this.

Once you’ve downloaded, just double click it to add it on your Windows sidebar. If you’ve closed it and want to re-open them, you can right click on the windows desktop > click gadgets.

The sidebar gadget window will open and you can select the Pwrdrain widget to add it to sidebar which gives you real time information about battery drain.

Download Pwrdrain Windows widget [Free]

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