PickyDomains Risk-free Crowdsourcing Domains, Company Names, Slogans Service


Pickydomain is a risk free crowdsourcing service that helps you in selecting your domain names, company name and slogans. It is totally risk free. If you’re starting a new website or new company and in need of a good domain name, then go to Pickydomains. There are thousands of contributors who come up with different unique names for your order. It is totally crowdsourcing which is a win-win situation. As it is a risk free service, if you don’t like the service, 100% money back.

This is how pickdomains work, first if you’re looking out for a domain name or company name or slogan for your social project, then go to Pickydomains and register yourself as a client for free. Then, start describing about your idea. Pitch your business idea, domain name suggestions what you have in mind. Submit the entry.

You need to pay $50 per domain/$75 per slogan to get your order activated. Once your order is activated, contributors who register at Pickydomains will start sending the suggestions and If you decides to register domain or selec the company name, then the $50, 40-60% of which goes to a contributor who made the winning suggestions. Otherwise client gets a full refund. So this is a risk-free crowdsourcing naming service.

Pickydomains provides you with names and slogans that are descriptive, concise and are easily remembered. And if you don’t like our work – you don’t pay anything. PickyDomains.сom is completely RISK FREE. Pickdomains has 40000+ contributors (anyone can join, if they can accept PayPal payments) and 1100+ clients. They already have named 1500+ domains.

Once you’ve registered and your order gets activated, suggestions will start flowing in and you can check out the suggestions at the unique URL which is provided for you and also you can Like, Dislike the suggestion. If contributors submit useless names, you can ban them. If you pick the domain and finalize it, then it will show in the Picked tab.

So Pickydomains is totally a crowdsourcing service and risk-free. Go give a try @ Pickydomains.

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