How to Handle SLR Camera Basic Guide with Online SLR Camera Simulator


Planning to get a new SLR camera or have got one recently ? Then which do you think is the most hardest SLR camera setting to understand ? ISO speed, shutter speed, aperture, white balance and any other. As a amateur, there will be lot of SLR controls to learn and before trying out direclty on your SLR camera, you can learn the settings and controls online through a SLR stimulator.

CameraSim is a online SLR camera stimulator that lets you to learn the controls and settings of a SLR camera. Certain important factors such as lightining, distance, focal length, ISO, shutter speed etc. The online stimulator has the exact use and meaning of each component also lets you to play around them using a virtual SLR stimulator.

You can adjust the settings in the online SLR stimulator, click the Snap photo button and review your photo. Also, the online stimulator teaches you about the shutter speed and how fast or slow shutter speeds can affect the images, what aperture or f-stop refers to, how important is those things, what happens to the photo when at low ISO settings or high ISO settings etc.

You can learn the main settings and controls of a SLR camera using this online SLR stimulator. You can try this out for free at Camerasim.

CameraSIM online SLR stimulator

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  1. I’m planning to buy a SLR camera but i think I’ll try this online SLR camera stimulator first before buying. Thanks for this article, this will help me learn the controls and settings. :)

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