Notification Bubbles Live Wallpaper Android app, New way to Unlock Android Phone


If you’re a symbian user, then you might have tried Nokia Bubbles beta app that displays all the notification such as new email, twitter/facebook updates, new text message, missed calls and every notification in a floating bubble kind of user interface which is excellent to use and see. Similary, Android users have got an notification bubble live wallpaper that work similary to the nokia bubbles app.

Notification bubbles android app displays all your notifications such as SMS/Phone call/Gmail/Facebook/Twitter notifications in a Bubble. This is something like a live wallpaper that you need to install on your homescreen by selecting “menu”->”wallpaper”->”live wallpapers”. This live wallpaper turns your home screen to a usable interactive wallpaper.

Once you’ve installed, the number of bubbles you give in the settings, for example, 5 no’s. will be floating on the homescreen. When ever you get a new notification such as SMS, Facebook, twitter, email notifications, a new bubble with the information will be displayed.

Tap, pop, the bubble and the phone log or the sms conversation opens. You can also have a couple of empty bubbles floating around which you can pop for your own fun. To enable gmail/facebook/twitter notifications: go into Bubble -> settings -> accounts and select Gmail/Facebook/Twitter login/logout and log in with your account.

Note : Make sure that you’re using the default official application for twitter, facebook and Gmail in order to be redirected to those when popping a gmail/twitter/facebook bubble. Otherwise its the web browser you will go to.

Download Notification Bubbles app

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