Makeup Photos Online with TintGuide


Yesterday we told you about the online image editing program which works similar to Adobe Photoshop but completely online for free. Today we have another image editing program that adds little magic to your photos, that is it can virtually makeup your photos to look more nice.

Tint Guide is a makeup guide tool that can virtually add makeup to the photos with some striking effects. It has coloring brushes where can be used on the lips and eyelids.

The virtual makeup bag offers these tools: Lipstick, Powder, Rouge, Eye Color, Eye Shadow, and Eye Liner. Also the MakeUp Guide includes animated demo samples: change eye color; anti-shine powder; eye makeup; lips and cheekbone makeup; legend.

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Once you’ve installed Makeup Guide, at the launch of the application, it displays the set of features and when you click on any of them, then it displays a video tutorial, you can learn from it and apply on your images.

Download Makeup Guide

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  1. Gadgets says:

    Oh that’s funny and interesting as well…. i was converted to cartoon after using it…:)

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