Kick to Pick Baby Name Generator iPhone app


With thousands of names as inspiration, this fun interactive app lets the whole family or the baby itself to choose a name. It is the app that lets your beautiful bump choose their own name from thousands of baby names or even a shortlist created by you.

Kick to pick is a unique name generator that lets you to choose a name for your baby. All you need to do is, simply select the gender and it will display all the names. You can select certain names, favorite them and create a special list with all the names favorited.

Now the exciting bit! With your list selected, lie down and position your device over your baby bump and tap the start button to activate the countdown. Next, simply sit back and watch as Kick to Pick scans through your chosen list of potential names until it detects that all important input from your baby. Once your baby’s choice is identified, you can either choose to accept the suggestion or put it down to hiccups and return to your search.

Make sure you turn on the airplane mode in your iPhone so that it disconnects any cellular activity to your phone and ensures that nothing can interfere with your baby’s choice.

Download Kick to Pick [iPhone app]

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