How to take screen capture with Awesome Screenshot for Firefox


There are already many screen capture addons and online tools, desktop programs for taking screenshots with annotation, drawing arrows etc. If you’re a person who works online and uses more of a browser than any other program, then screen capture addons would be more helpful as it can be handy to take screenshots with just a single tap. Already we had told you about Firefox screen capture addon and Full page screenshot addon for Chrome. Here is one more Firefox addon that can screen capture with annotation, colorful arrows and many more.

Awesome Screenshot for Firefox addon lets you to screenshot the desktop screen of a particular region, full screen with annotate, text, draw arrows, put circle, draw lines and rectangles. Once it is done, the screenshots are saved in your hard drive or if you want you can upload them to the and get a shareable link.

Features of Awesome Screenshot Firefox :

  • Capture entire page or crop any portion
  • Annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text
  • Use eraser to hide sensitive information
  • Save to Local or upload to and get a shareable link

I know there are many other screen capture addons for Firefox which has more functionalities with beautiful design, but if you’re looking for faster and quicker access to screen capture, then this addon is for you.

Download Awesome Screenshot [Firefox addon]

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