How to Select A Good Domain Name?


This post harps upon the reasons why you need a good domain name and also mentions common mistakes made by people while selecting a domain name.

Choosing a Good Domain Name

Selecting a good domain name is vital for your companies’ or affiliate site. It needs to give one, an exact idea about the name of your company, or if you are an affiliate, it should clearly mention, what the site is about, or it will have to be a domain that is related to a target keyword.

Let us assume that you do not need a brand name for your website, let us look at some ways to selecting a good domain name.

Following your research for the keywords for your upcoming project, you will have a decent number of good keyword domains. These keywords will help you immensely with the content that you want to incorporate in your website. If you have decided upon the most suitable keyword and are all set to go ahead with it for your website, you must make sure that the name should be available, and the type of domain that you would want for the website. If you desire traffic coming in from across the globe, a .com domain is the most apt one, while for particular areas such as India and UK; you can pin up on .co. in or

Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages, but the hierarchy of the strength of the domains follows the following trend;

Exact Match Domain (Strongest)

Exact Match Hyphenated Domain

(The words are separated by a hyphen)

Contains all words

So what one means by the above is that if “” is unavailable, the next best alternative would be “”. It would be advisable to avoid using numbers, 10, ten and X. Since all of them mean the same, it will only work written down.

Of course, there are various other factors other than the ones which are related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO),

You should be aware of infringing copyright on your URL

Do not use a renowned brand name or its variations for the name, as it could lead to copyright issue, and the owner of the brand could get your website, shut down.

Since the past few years, there has been stringent action to people who have been following these tactics. Your URL might look attractive as it bears a similarity to a popular brand name or a celebrity, but it could be easily taken away from you.

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