How to remove Google account from Android phone


If you’re using Android phone, then it should be useful to you. When configuring or setting up a new android phone, the first thing it will ask for ‘Google account’ to sync all your apps and settings with your Google account. When setting up, you may give the Google account username and password, and later if you want to remove or change to someother Google account, then here is a step by step instruction on how to remove / change Google account from Android phone.

1. Go to android home screen window. Just hit the home button key on your android phone to go home screen.

2. Hit menu button to access the options.

3. You can see the ‘settings’ option along with the wallpaper, search, home settings.

4. Just go to the ‘Settings’ option and not the ‘Home settings’. Home settings is for customizing the homescreen widgets etc.

5. Now go to ‘Accounts & Sync’ option from the settings menu

6. Here all the accounts will be listed which you’ve added such as Facebook, Twitter, Google etc

7. Tap on the particular account settings to change

8. Once you’ve tapped into the particular account (eg : Google account)

9. You have the options to which portion to sync and finally ‘Remove account’.

10. Click ‘Remove account’ Ok. that’s it.

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