How to appear offline in Windows live messenger 2011 ?


With the latest version of Windows live messenger 2011, some main features on the previous version has been removed. However, the new version gives more friendly user interface with lot of advanced options but the main attribute such as live messenger block list has been removed. So people who find their contacts annoying, can simply block them and they won’t receive any IM or message from the blocked memnbers.

In Windows live messenger 2011, the blocked list feature has been removed and you don’t have the option to block people from your WLM list. The removal of this has made all blocked contacts be reappeare at online status and are able to see the status of contacts who has the same updated version of Windows live messenger 2011.

As you cannot directly block the person in your Windows live messenger 2011, but you can appear offline to them (like in Yahoo messenger). You can appear offline to them permanently. You can appear offline to some contacts or group of contacts (say for eg: office contacts or particular group of friends).

All you need to do is, just login to your Windows Live messenger 2011, You can see the contact list displaying, select a particular contact, right click on the person name in the list to whom you want to appear offline and click the option ” Appear offline to this person” and that’s it, you’re done.

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