Funny Alternative to CCleaner is DCleaner


Have you ever heard about CCleaner ? (Crap Cleaner), a wonderful freeware from Piriform that cleans the unnecessary files and registry entries that take up your computer space and slow it down. It has 3 modules – cleaner, registry and tools (to remove/add programs in windows). Also we had told you about CCEnhancer that enhances the CCleaner program. The CCEnhancer adds 270+ new programs to CCleaner.

Alternative to CCleaner : Square Privacy Cleaner

Today we have another funny named alternative to CCleaner called ‘DCleaner’. With the same functions like CCleaner and neat user interface DCleaner, makes into the list of alternatives of CCleaner.

DCleaner is a freeware system cleaner that cleans up unused temporary files and recent file lists from your computer. This small utility will allow you to search the registry, look at information about your computer, a quick and easy way to access the control panel, and will clean nearly all temporary files off your computer to speed up performance and allow your pc to run smoothly.

Features of DCleaner :

It can clean Temporary files, MRU (Most Recently Used) Lists, Recent File Lists, Cookies, system temp folder, temporary internet files folder, cookies folder, recycle bin and recent documents list.

Apart from the cleaning list, it has a small Spyware Scanner which detects spyware/adware when scanning and it can remove it.

Download DCleaner

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