Free Software Alerts When Users Forget Pen drive Plugged In


I do. I have many times forgot my pen drive when using in friends computer or public internet cafe. Often leaving the pendrive in the computer gets you more trouble. So, before shutting down your PC, this free software warns users when they forget pen drive plugged in. There by no losing more.

The program displays a screen and sounds an alert whenever the user tries to shut down the PC with any device connected. Of course, you can simply ignore the warning and shut down the machine anyway, but just remember that something is plugged into should already help many people.

USB Alert for Windows warns you with a alert message before you shutting down PC when your pendrive is plugged in. USB Alert warns the user when loging off, shutting down or locking the PC. It skips cardreaders without a memorycard.

So once the alert is displayed, it also shows a list of USB sticks plugged into the PC. The user can browse the USB stick or even eject (safely remove) the USB stick.

Download USB Alert

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