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Looking for a logo creator online that comes handy when you’re not much into graphic editing and stuff ? Then here is a free online logo creator for you. Trademarkia has a free logo creator that lets you to generate a colorful logo text with in few minutes. You can customize the name for any website with your colorful creativity.

Trademarkia Online Logo Generator is a free tool that lets you to create logo online for free. You can simply enter the text, modify certain number of parameters that allow us to finally get our custom text. You have lot of fonts to choose from, styles, colors, sizes, drop shadow, background color etc.

Once you’ve set all the parameters, click the Generate button to preview the image. You can use the download button to save the image to your PC.

Free Logo Generator

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  1. Harry Sehgal@Adsense and BloggingTips says:

    Thanks. I was in a need of Logo. Finally got it.

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