Filter Hacker News Feed with Feed Hint


You can easily create your own personalized hacker news feed with feed hint service. Hacker news is a social news website and one stop place for all your computer hacking and news about startup companies. It’s developed by a company named Y combinator.

So coming back to the topic, Hacker news consists of all the news in different categories combined on a single page and the algorithm uses vote up/down from the users. So do you want to filter the hacker news feed and display only categories that interests you such as Apple, Android, iPhone and mobile related or other set of categories. You can pick on your own and create a personalized hacker news feed.

Feed Hint is a free service that lets you to create your personalized hacker news feed. You can filter topics on hacker news feed and read those categories which may only interest you.

You can filter categories based on the popular topics or You can filter the news by their score too. Or If you can type categories which you want to read about. So input them and add to your personalized news feed.

You can preview your feed or download it. Try them at Feed Hint

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