5 New features in Chrome Version 12 Worth Trying


Few days back Google chrome released its Chrome version 12 stable release, if you’re not using the updated version of Google chrome, then you can easily update it directly from your chrome browser. Just click on the wrench icon, tools menu > about Google chrome and it will automatically update it. You can restart after updating and that’s it, you’re now using the latest version of Chrome browser which gives you lot of new features and easy access to chrome.

So what’s new in Chrome stable release version 12 ?

#1 You can do web apps search from the address bar. If you’ve installed lot of web apps from the chrome webstore, you don’t have to open a new tab to select and open the web app, you can directly type in the address bar to open the web app.

You can also launch Chrome web apps with the right click context menu

Shortcut button to launch chrome web apps on the browser

#2 Using the “Clear browsing data” option, you can delete Flash cookies from inside Chrome

#3 If you download .exe windows executable files, it shows a small message in the download bar. Normally, it shows that ‘You’re downloading a .exe file’ now adding to it, it scans the file and then lets you download. Safe browsing feature included and checks downloaded files for malwares.

#4 You can print or save the PDF directly from Google chrome. Using the Chrome PDF viewer, you can directly view PDF documents in Google chrome, now with the version 12, you can print or save the PDF files directly from it. Buttons are added.

#5 A new interface for start pages. You can open how many ever pages at the chrome browser startup. You can set homepage, new tab page or any other page for startup. So a better new interface has been ported in the version 12.

Thanks @chromeblog & @chromeOS for the tip.

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