Create Stop Motion videos with free stop motion maker JellyCam


Stop motion or Stop action is an animation technique used to make a physical picture (images) to move on its own (videos). So there by converting all fixed pictures and bundle them to create an action videos. You can easily create stop motion videos for free with the stop motion software named Jellycam.

You might have watched many stop motion youtube videos on clay animation. There is a famous stop motion software ‘Dragon stop motion’ animation software tool for Mac OS X and Windows. But there is only free trail available. It costs 275$. But, today we are introducing a totally free stop motion software tool ‘JellyCam’

JellyCam is a stop motion maker that can make stop-motion films with a web-cam or a bunch of photos. No additional features such as adding background music or effects. It can just create a stop motion movie for you.

Wondering how would it be ? Look out for the video below to understand more about Stop motion movie maker

Once you’ve installed the JellyCam (remember, its an adobe air app, so get yourself air app installed before you install jellycam), open the jellycam and it automatically startsup the webcam which is installed in your computer. You can take snapshots from your webcam and it will be considered as frames.

Once you’re done taking snapshots, arrange it and start the Play! You’re stop motion video is ready. You can also insert title image, end credits image etc. You can use the option over the left side to add images etc. Frames can be arranged below the app screen and on the navigation menu, you have the create new, save and other options.

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