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Want to turn your PDF documents into a interactive flash page flipper for free ? Your simple pdf brochures can be transformed into a flash page flip brochures just in few minutes with this free page flip flap online software. It lets your readers to engage in a truly intuitive browsing experiences.

Page Flip-Flap is a online page flipper tool that can transform your doc, pdf, word, movie in an interactive flipbook. It’s very easy: upload your file and you will receive an email with the url to your creation. Check out the sample creation here.

All you need to do is, just upload the input file and get the link to the output from your email. You can share them with your friends on social network, facebook, twitter and email too.

One of the best way to present our documents on the internet in a interactive way. Once you’ve uploaded the doc file and email id, you will be seeing a display message like ” You will receive email in few minutes “. Beside that, you can see a image of your PDF/doc file which you’ve uploaded.

Just by clicking on the image, you will redirected to the new link where you can view the uploaded doc/pdf file in a flashy filp page view. You can also wait for the email inbox to get the same link.

Page Flip-Flap

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