Create Funny Fake Facebook Walls with The Wall Machine


If you’re a regular Facebook user, then you might have seen this. People make fun of the current trending news such as 2G scam, Osama death and many more. They create an imagination of Facebook news stream as if Obama, Osama, Bush, US Navy are doing a conversation and how it would be. I used to wonder how they are creating such kind of stuff. Then while searching, I came to know about this The Wall Machine where you can create fake facebook wall posts, facebook news stream, comments, friendship requests, photo albums etc.

The Wall Machine is a free app that lets you to create funny fake facebook wall messages. You can create a facebook wall message, add friendship requests, photos, comments, likes etc. Check out the above image to know more. I am sure, this app can give you good laughs.

With this fake facebook wall machine, you can make anything possible on facebook. Just like you’re in friendship with a celebrity and that celebrity has posted a wall message on your facebook account. You can extend the conversation by adding likes, comments as if it is from your friends profile.

Make sure, this entertaining application should be only used for good fun and not any illegal or to hurt others. It is very easy to use. Once you’re into The Wall Machine, just click the ‘Connect’ button and authorize your facebook profile, so that you can it can give access to fully use the application.

Once you’re ready, you can see the lorem ipsum dummy content. You can click on it and start changing to what ever you need. Check out the above image for the detailed reference. You can edit names, text messages, comments, likes, add photos, friendship requests and finally save and publish to your wall.

For good laugh, you can check out the trending topics of The Wall Machine. People submit their creation around the world on the current trending topics and it will give you a good laugh.

Fake Facebook Wall – The Wall Machine

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  1. Wow… its really a great way to create fake walls with celeb messages !! Thanks for the share

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