Convert CSV into XML format with CSV2XML


Most of the contact or address book details if you download over the internet, it will come as a CSV file (comma separated values) and converting into an XML lists is not a tedious task. There are many online file converters and file converting softwares that does the job well. Here is one for you that can convert CSV files into XML format.

DG’s CSV2XML is a very simple utility that converts CSV files into XML lists. It uses the table headers (the first row) to generate the elements of the XML List.

Some of the Do’s and Dont’s with CSV2XML

Do not use quotations in your CSV tables unless it is to describe cells that have commas.

Ensure that all the text in the CSV is already in proper XML type as this application does not convert reserved XML characters. E.g. & = &

CSV2XML will take every cell literally.

Download CSV2XML – Convert CSV to XML

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