Best Remote Desktop Support Software for Mac OSX and Linux


Remote desktop support is one of the best cost effective solution to getting a PC repaired. Remote desktop support or online technical support is a method where the technician will access your computer from a remote location and solve the basic troubleshooting techniques resolved within minutes.

If you’re a computer technician or a person who has average knowledge about computers and can solve the basic issues such as internet connectivity issues or any other basic troubleshooting, then you must need a remote desktop software to access the other computer and solve them. So which is the best free remote desktop support software for mac osx and linux ? When talking about Windows, we have number of tools on the web for free. So the other operating systems such as Mac OSX and Linux has quite few which am going to tell you now.

Remote Desktop Control for Mac OSX :

Bomgar for Mac OSX enables you to respond to any support need from your own screen. Bomgar virtually eliminates geographic boundaries by allowing you to solve the majority of remote support tasks during a simple remote access session. With support for Mac, you can troubleshoot anything by using your home screen.

As Mac being used by many enterprises such as education and design, Bomgar mac remote support enables you to access any mac just as using anyother software. It supports Mac running OS X version Mac 10.3.9-10.5 to any Mac.

You can give mac remote support from any platform such as Mac, Suse, Win2000, Win7 or server 03, 08. You can also offer cross platform remote support with bomgar.

Remote Desktop Control for Linux :

Bomgar’s remote desktop control software for linux enables support technicians control remote computers over the internet or network. With Bomgar you can support remote desktops, backend servers, network devices, smartphones and systems in the field outside the network – all from one screen.

Bomgar linux remote support most popular versions including Ubuntu, RedHat, SUSE, and Fedora Core. No matter what operating system you are running Bomgar on, you will have remote access to all the operating systems supported by the Bomgar.

Bomgar Linux remote support

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  1. Excellent tool for desktop troubleshooting support. This is a cool way to cope with troubleshooting in our pc. I just wonder how it can solve complex troubleshooting. I wish to see both the pros and cons in using this tool. Thanks.

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