Play Flash Games on iPad with iSwifter iPad app


There are thousands of flash games available on the web, but only few services has specially dedicated flash games for iPad and other mobile devices optimized. It intelligently converts browser-based Flash games to a form that is optimized for individual mobile devices, complete with multi-touch gesture support for game interaction, and accommodating different screen size.

iSwifter is a cloud-based flash game streaming service specifically built for mobile devices including smart phones and tablets. For iPads, the iSwifter takes all the flash-based games and convert them into browser-friendly and render to iPad in a smooth way. A client app connects to the gaming servers in the cloud to download streaming content live to the mobile device.

The iSwifter app for iPad uses the iSWiFTER Flash game streaming service to bring the most popular casual and social Flash games from the biggest online gaming portals on the internet.

Not only on iPad, as all the flash games are streamed via iSwifter, you can play on other mobile devices such as android etc.

Download iSwifter for iPad app

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