Best Android Live Wallpaper Earth Rot


Earthrot android live wallpaper is one of the best live wallpapers for android. The nice eyecandy animated wallpaper showing rotating planets on your home screen with space, planets, earth, starwars. Just tried out and am loving it. If you leave it in the background, it doesn’t eat as much battery.

The Earthrot live wallpaper has a custom rotation axis feature that allows you to activate touch rotation and free rotation, be sure to have nature axis disabled, rotate the planet to the axis you want, then go back in settings and deactivate free rotation. If natural axis is not selected. the axis should stay fixed until next reboot.

Apart from this, you can change globe aspect and position, change how you interact with the globe and integrated with maps too. You can change the background, add animated starfield and run the wallpaper in the foreground.

Download Earth Rot Live Wallpaper from below QR code

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