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Best Antispam wordpress plugin is none other than Akismet. One of the most popular wordpress plugins and it comes by default in wordpress installations. So, if you’ve bad experience with akismet and searching for the equal alternative, then Antispam bee is what you need. With the increase in spam comments, blogs and websites which use wordpress platform must have a antispam plugin which can prevent all these comments spam.

Antispam bee plugin for WordPress is one of the best and top plugin to protect from spam comments. It protects blogs from digital rubbish. It is made up of sophisticated techniques and analyzes comments including pings. Also, for reasons of data privacy, the use of AntispamBee is a safe solution, as it is anonymous and registration-free.

With the help of antispam bee, you can protect your block comments and pings from specific countries and also get email notification for spam comments (don’t know who will prefer this). The spam counter can be seen on the dashboard and also schedule to delete spam comments after one day or set time interval.

It actually saves no data in the database and has a very fast execution. Finally it is completely Anonymous and independent. Once you’ve downloaded and activated the plugin, you can go to settings and start playing with it.

If you’re a wordpress user or have used akismet, then you would be knowing this, most of the spam comments are from other languages such as germany,french etc. So with this Antispam bee plugin, you can allow comments only in certain language such as english or whatever you select it.

Download Antispam Bee WordPress Plugin

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  1. Himanshu says:

    don’t have problem with the default but will give this a shot.

  2. Harry Sehgal@Adsense and BloggingTips says:

    Yes Antispam bee is the best Alternative and I am using it for last 3 months and it shows great results. Will recommend to all Bloggers.

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