Advanced Search History on Google Chrome with History 2


Search history is a feature on web browsers that lets you to search for web pages that you have visited in a period of time. In Google chrome, you can go to the history page using tools > history or by shortcut key (ctrl+H). By default it has only a search box where you can search using keywords and you cannot search by date or anyother ways.

History 2 is a simple extension for Googel chrome that overrides default history page on Chrome with more options and user-friendly. It looks same like the original but grouped by the host for easy viewing.

It has same text box for searching history with a drop-down menu options such as you can search sites by last visit time, by alphabetically or by number or visits.

Also it separates history by today, yesterday, 2 days ago, 3 days ago, 4 days ago, last week, last month and all time history. It will list the webpages with a small plus icon, where it expands with the number of links visited on the site. It all together groups the webpages visited and makes our search much easier.

You can also delete search history based on the website URL. Suppose if you want to delete search history of Facebook, then the extension will be grouping all the search history’s of Facebook and makes the work easier. Simply select the particular domain and delete the history.

Download History2 [Chrome extension]

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