Remove Ads from Websites, Fill the Space with Local news, Weather, Quotes, Twitter updates


Some websites display too much of advertisements, popup ads, banner ads and annoy readers. The visitors have two choices to block these annoying ads. Either you can completely block using ad-block addon for browsers or show some interesting facts, relevant local news, twitter updates, weather forecast which replaces the ad boxes and banners. Already there are too many ad-block extensions for browsers, but something that replaces the ads are quite less.

Adlesse is a simple addon for chrome that replaces the original ads with the local news, interesting facts, weather forecasts, twitter updates etc. Adlesse Addon removes banners and ads from webpages and fills the ad space with information you choose to see.

Adlesse detects and automatically replaces web ads with identical by size information boxes of your preference. You can substitute ads with several types of info-boxes: weather conditions and forecast for your region and local news headlines (Adlesse will automatically detect your location), interesting facts, famous quotes and Twitter feed of your friends’ latest tweets.

Adlesse is not only for Google chrome, it is also available for FireFox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari. You can personlize settings from the page.

Once it is installed, a little icon will appear at the corner of the address bar that lets you to enable/disable the adlesse settings for the particular domain, also you can shift back and forth with adlesse info or you can show original ad info.

Download Adlesse

Thanks @vasanthG for the tip.

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