Add Facebook Friends Instantly via QR Code


You can add friends to Facebook without internet connection, completely offline. Suppose, if you’re meeting a new friend at a restaurant or at some party, then you can add him/her to facebook via mobile instantly. You don’t have to ask their email ids or facebook username to add them. Because, you might ask them at party or at some place and later forget about it. So, adding them instantly is made possible with a tiny android app named Instant Friend.

Instant Friend for Facebook is an android app that lets you to add facebook friends instantly even offline using QR codes. Once you’ve both installed the Instant friend android app on your android device, you can open them and scan the barcode on your new friend’s mobile and Tap add. That’s it.

If you’ve data connection enabled on your device, then it adds instantly. If not, suppose if you’re offline, then later, when you get the signal, tap “history” and complete the process.

From the developer’s note :

Instant Friend post on your Facebook wall when you install it and when you add a friend with it. If you don’t want that, please click on “X” to : “Remove post”, or “Remove Publishing Rights of Instant Friends” .

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  1. Prasant says:

    that’s really cool app and will hit my market button on android to check. though it could be more helpful if it would be like ur card which has all ur social networking details :)

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