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Advertisement is the best platform to start your blogging in WordPress. WordPress is a content management system that allows you to setup blogs and websites. It has two sides. and is a open source WordPress software that can be installed and configured in our own server. But for amateur, is a best possible solution to start blogging.

One of the biggest drawback in is that, it doesn’t have much themes or doesn’t allow us to customize themes, plugins like blogspot from Google. In, you cannot get down to the code level and customize the CSS, but now it has come up with a new feature to customize you CSS design and fonts of your blog.

Now you can personalize your blog with the new custom design upgrade. It introduces two new features, code-free font selection from Typekit and a beautiful CSS editing interface with world-class support. blog post says ” You’ll find both new features – Fonts and CSS – under Appearance – Custom Design in your dashboard. Custom Design costs just $30 a year, and both features include a free preview so you can try them out first. ”

The font editor has 50 gorgeous premium Typekit fonts and allows you to easily modify the size and style of your fonts. It works with all themes, no coding skills required.

To find out more on Custom design feature, read here

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