6 Websites to Find Freelance Transcribers


Transcriber has great listening skills and fast typing skills to transform information from one media to another media. Transcribers are useful in many fields such as medical, music, translation etc. Now talking about the field of translation where some transcribers work by looking at a document or listening to an audio recording in one language and translating it into another language. Like from chinese to english for broader use.

Usually when interviewing, recording or podcasting a other language user, you can then have them transcribed by freelance transcribers or through outsourcing providers. The questions is, where to find these transcribers for cheap price ? How to find freelance transcribers ?

Previously we had told you about ‘6 Unique ways to find a freelance graphic designer‘ where we discussed freelance websites that lets you to pick freelance design guys. So similar to it, here are few websites where you can find freelance transcribers for low price.


Elance is one of the biggest portals for hiring freelancers. Just use their search to find effective contractors who are skilled in transcribing audio/video transcription. Click here to search Elance for transcribers.


Guru is world’s biggest online market place where you find freelancers for any kind of job. You can use this search results for finding out transcribers from Guru freelance market.

So similar to above freelance sites, some more for you – Odesk, Vworker, Amazon Mechanical Turk & Scriptlance.

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  2. prasad says:

    freelancer.com acquires vworker and scriptlance

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