6 Unique Ways to Find, Hire a Freelance Web Designer


If you’re in a need of a web designer for your upcoming project, you have two options. To hire a freelance web designer or hire a design agency. When you hire a design agency, you don’t have to worry about anything. They have internal team leaders, project leaders, assignments and so many designers to work on. They are expensive and less reponsive than a freelance guy. But, when you’re looking out for some excellent talented freelance design guy with cost effective, then where to look out for these freelance web designers ?

Before hiring a freelance web designer, make sure one thing. What style of web designer are you looking for ? Web designers have different styles. Some with amazing talent on technology design, some stick to one type of visual style, some expertise in a style and some rehash the same design everywhere on the web. So, before hiring the guy, make sure what kind of style you’re looking out for ?

The next thing you need to look out for is, do you need a designer only or designer + developer ? Freelance web designers will be good at both. If you’re upcoming project involves certain technology such as jquery, css, ajax, flash, then watch out for the guy who is expert in these fields and also designs well. So check their portfolio and then go ahead to hire them. So, where to go and look out for a freelance web designer ? Which is the best place to hire a web designer ?

1. You might have viewed some extremely well designed websites on the web. You can see a link back at the footer of the website which says “designed or developed by” and hyperlinked to the designer’s website Or if nothing is seen, just mail the website owner about the design and ask him about the designer who designed it.

2. Get in touch with people on twitter, facebook and ask for recommendations about the best designer who had previously worked for them.

3. http://www.cssmania.com/ – CSSMania is the worldwide leader of the CSS Showcases genre. It is a website that showcases web sites developed using XHTML/html5 & CSS. You can find freelancer designers and their works, will be helpful for hiring your favorite guy.

4. Some more sites like CSS Mania includes





5. From the Smashing magazine showcases tag, you can find lot of freelance web designers and developers who write guest post and web design related tutorials on smashing magazine, one of the biggest design magazine on the web. So from the tutorials author bio, you can find out their stuff and portfolio link to find more about them.

6. Many theme portals such as Themeforest, WpCandy WordPress Professionals, FreelanceSwitch designers directory showcases the list of freelance web designers to hire them.

If nothing is working out, you can make web designers to contact you, just advertise on the job boards as “Wanted Freelance Web Designers”. Job board sites such as http://jobs.smashingmagazine.com/ , http://freelancefolder.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=8

So once you’ve hired the guy, you know what to do next. Hey, do you have some more ways to find and hire a freelance web designer ? Are you a freelance web designer ? then feel free to comment below so that some one would be helpful to reach you.

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