5 Common Mistakes When Guest Blogging


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Guest blogging can be a great way to enhance the prestige of your own blog and to establish yourself as an expert in your field. It’s also a nice way to build traffic to your own blog if you can become a guest blogger on a well-established blog.

Unfortunately, a few mistakes can lead to problems with guest blogging. These mistakes can turn off readers so they don’t want to visit your blog or irritate your host blogger so that you aren’t asked to be a guest blogger again. Next time you’re invited to write a guest blog post, say yes, but avoid these five common mistakes:

Failing to Follow Guest Blogging Guidelines

Established bloggers should have guest blogging guidelines for their guest bloggers to follow. (Hint: If you don’t already have some for your own blog, write them soon!) If you’re a guest blogger, ask about any guidelines the blog already has. Sometimes hosts won’t have thought to write out guidelines yet, but they may want to have a conversation about expectations for your guest post. Make sure you understand what is expected of you and that you surpass the expectations of the host blogger.

Not Putting Effort into Guest Blog Articles

It’s easy to blow off guest blog articles as less important than the ones you build for your own blog, but this is a huge mistake. If you’re writing for a blog that’s more established in your niche than you are, it’s imperative that you get some good quality content out there. Make sure you do your research about what you’re saying in your post, include some outgoing links to relevant sites if the guidelines allow it, and generally make your blog post one that you’d like to read yourself. Writing crappy blog posts will just annoy your host blogger and keep you from building new traffic to your site through your guest blog. These tips help you make sure you’re writing excellent guest blog posts:

• Check out the rest of the blog for ideas on what to write about, if you aren’t already being asked to write about something specific. Don’t repeat content that’s already on the blog, but put your own unique spin on related content.

• Act as if you’re writing for your own blog. You wouldn’t put low-quality content on your own blog, so write guests posts as if you’re writing for your own blog so you know you’re putting your best foot forward.

• Ask if the host blogger wants to review the content before it’s due. Then, get it done a couple days ahead of schedule, and let them send you comments on the finished product.

Over-Promoting Your Own Blog

Yes, guest blogging is ultimately about establishing yourself as an authority in your niche so that you can build traffic back to your own blog or website. However, you shouldn’t over-promote yourself in your blog. It will only turn off your readers and send them packing, rather than pulling them into your own website or blog. You’ll actually build traffic by writing guest posts for high-traffic, established blogs in your niche and by making sure those blogs are informative, engaging, and fun to read.

Skipping the Author Bio

While you don’t want to over-promote yourself in your guest blogs, you also don’t want to lose traffic by not promoting yourself at all. It’s a good idea to put one or two links to your own site in the blog posts – again, according to the host’s guidelines. But having an author bio attached to the blog can also make readers feel more connected with you and more interested in your own work. Take time to craft a catchy, compact author bio that you can attach to most guest blog posts so you don’t have to do it over and over again. Here’s how to create a great author bio:

• Make it catchy. Don’t just list your accomplishments, but make your author bio something that’s fun and interesting to read.

• Tell what gives you the right to write this blog posts. Chances are that you’re doing blog posts in a niche you’re familiar with. If you have a degree in engineering that qualifies you to write about this engineering blog, list it. If you’ve played thousands of hours of a particular video game before you write a guest blog about it, then state that.

• Tailor author bios to the type of post you’re writing. If you’re establishing yourself in multiple niches, make an author bio for each niche so you’re tailoring your information to the type of blog you’re writing for.

• Include your website. Don’t just include a text link here, either. At the end of your author bio, hyperlink to your website within your actual web address, which will make it more memorable for future visitors.

Failing to Interact with the Guest Post

It’s easy to remember to be interactive on your own blog, but it’s a little more difficult to remember to do it with guest posts. It’s important, though. If you want to really build your traffic based on guest blog posts, it’s vital that you read and respond to comments on your post just like you would on your own blog or site. This builds your credibility in your niche and makes people want to visit your blog, too.

Don’t be afraid to check out guest blogging as a valuable tool for building your own credibility in the field or increasing traffic to your own website or blog. However, before you just throw together a post to throw out there as a guest blog, make sure you’re avoiding these five mistakes by understanding host guidelines, crafting a well-written blog post, creating an author bio, and checking back to comment on the post.

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    Hey, pretty nice tips over there, I have only made one post as a guest author, and certainly did many of the things right, feels good.

    Thanks for the article.

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