10+1 Ways to Share Code Snippets


Anyone who has worked sometime on a design or development project will know the value of codes (CSS, HTML, PHP, Javascript) that are repeated at most places and that can be used once again in most of their projects. Also if you’re stuck up in the middle of coding a project, you can look up for similar codes that can help you. There are sites where you can find code snippets that allows you to work more simple and save the time that you could invest in creating the same lines. So here is a set of 10 websites that allows you to share code snippets.

Code Snippets

1000’s of users who share code snippets, you can search through labels to find codes of different programming, lets you to store, manage, share codes.


Apart from sharing snippets, it has forum, videos, downloads for various programming language suh as CSS, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, PHP and many more.


The database of more than 1,100 pieces of code organized, and users can find what ever they need quickly without much effort.

Dev Snippets

Lot of articles and tutorials related to web design, development, inspiration and snippets too.

Byte My Code

Simple interface and it collects snippets of PHP, Java, JavaScript, adapter, VBScript, drums, C, String, CSS and others/

Code Snipp.it

Just go to this code snippet site and find the categories and tags it deals with. and there enough said.


With the integration from twitter, you can save data and search for codes.


Smipple allows not only finding material shared by others, it is also possible to store our own and create bookmarks with those who believe that we need.

Code Tidy

Large public database of snippets.

Dream In Code

With half a million registered users provides code snippets for almost any programming language.

PHP Snippets

Only for PHP developers. You can find only PHP code snippets.

If you’ve some more ways to share and find code snippets, feel free to share with us. You can use comments section to share them.

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