WordPress 3.2 Coming Soon. Some Screenshots of Admin Interface, New Twenty Eleven Theme and More


WordPress, one of the biggest content management system that is widely used around the world to publish blogs, websites and more. Currently WordPress is under version 3.1.2 and the developers behind this awesome software are working hard to the next version of WordPress 3.2. Here are some preview about the WordPress 3.2 which gives lot of new features, improves security and stability of the platform and has lot of cosmetic changes. Below are some screenshots and piece of information that you can expect in the next major release of WordPress 3.2. I Hope and expect the WordPress team to launch the version 3.2 in next 4-8 weeks.

Apart from the cosmetic changes, what are the other changes ? They been adjusting with the code to improve more security (as it is a open source platform, hackers find a easy loop hole) and stability in the coming release. Below are the few piece of information about the WordPress 3.2

  • Improves the appearance of admin interface
  • Changes the left bar where you see posts, plugins, appearance, settings
  • The left bar edges has been slightly changed
  • The writing editor has been improved without much distractions (Distraction free writing mode)
  • New default theme (Twenty Eleven version 1.0)
  • Version 3.2 has no compatibility with PHP 4 and MySQL 4
  • Small message to IE 6 users to upgrade

Below are some of the screenshots of upcoming WordPress 3.2 :

Thanks for the tip WPMod.

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