What Is Fake Page Rank ? How To Get It & How To Check It


Ever heard of the term Fake Page Rank. No? I accidentally came across this term and got page rank 4 for my new site in just one day. In this article, I am going to tell you about what is fake page rank, how to check it and how to get fake page rank. Lets start:

What is fake page rank

When any domain expires, its page rank is shown in Google toolbar and all other PR checking sites for at least 3 months or till next Google PR updates. Now, some extra smart people but those expired domains with good page rank and creates a site/blog. They then, sale links on their website. The page rank that they get is a Fake Page Rank, it means the page rank it shows is of the old site not the new one.

How to get a fake page rank

It is very easy. Just search of Google for the term “buy expired domains” and you will get lots of sites that provides list of expired domains along with page rank. Just select any good expired domain with good page rank and buy it.

Now, install WordPress and create a good looking site on it and your newly build site will get a good page rank in one day.
Isn’t that easy

How to check fake page rank

Below are few method you can use to detect fake page rank

Use link operator :

In Google type link: your-domain-name and press enter. You will see mostly invalid links (404 links) in Google search, it means the domain has fake PR.

Checking fake page rank is very easy. Before checking page rank of any site make sure the site is at least 4-5 months old. If it is and showing page rank, it means the PR is real and the site is less than 3-4 months old it means site has fake page rank.

Online tool :

You can use Fake page rank checker to detect Fake Page Rank.

So, before buying links & website make sure the site does not have any fake page rank and also make sure that the site is at least 4-5 months old. Good luck !!

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  1. Nasif says:

    Thanks for the tips.. I got lots of request of link exchange with a site having high page rank and no content !

  2. Awesome… detailed post !! I just heard about fake PR but after reading this I understood it :-)

  3. VinaTuts says:

    Great tuts! This entry is very helpful for me

  4. Swamykant says:

    Great tuts. Thanks for sharing the online tool details.

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