What Does Social Media Mean for People Making Money from Home?


With the advent of social media and social networking sites I wanted to know if the Income at Home business strategy stood to benefit or lose from the new landscape of online marketing. I got the chance to have a brief talk with a representative of the home-based entrepreneurial starter program IncomeAtHome.com to see if some of my questions could be answered.

Q: IncomeAtHome has been a business for nearly a decade now. The rise of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks and content providers has happened in the meantime. What has your business done to evolve with this trend?

A: I’ll tell you I got to be honest we saw social media and social networking coming down the pipe when we were still using dial-up. Now we didn’t of course predict the particulars of a giant like Facebook or Youtube, but the idea that people were going to use the Internet as a means of communicating with one another in more instant and interactive ways seemed pretty obvious to us. So I got to say that our program, while still subject to plenty of re-evaluating over the years, was brought into existence with something like social networking already in mind.

Q: In what ways do sites like Twitter and Facebook help or hinder both your efforts to reach potential customers and clients’ efforts to utilize your advice to make real money from home?

A: I want to answer the second half of that first because I feel it’s more important. I’d say social networking and the ability to share content as much as is possible has helped our clients expand their individual markets in ways they probably never thought could work when they started the program just a few short years ago. Using the Internet to effectively market yourself was one of our biggest first round lessons but we’ve had to go back and loosen our focus on this aspect because of how much easier Facebook and friends have made it on folks building a customer base. As far as how it’s benefited our business I think it’s pretty obvious that having the ability to target your market more precisely with a tool like Facebook has been a tremendous boost to us.

Q: Lastly, do you think there are ways people can make money from home using social media that even IncomeatHome has yet to try and study and offer advice on?

A: Well, I’ll tell you if there is we most definitely would’ve already made sure to make it part of our program. But will there be fresh new methods on the horizon? Of course there will be. If we’ve done our job right, then those who we taught will one day be the ones coming up with these pioneering new techniques at income earning through the World Wide Web.

You can learn more about IncomeAtHome.com by visiting their website.

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  1. Ashley Pearson says:

    Very good interview. Facebook will remain at the top for many years to come.

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