Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Blog and Boost Your Traffic


Blog Commenting

Blog commenting involves visiting other blogs in your niche and suggest or comment or show appreciation for the article the author has expressed. This has several benefits to you and your blog. You are appreciating the article there by developing a social relation and also you are posting your blog link onto someone’s blog which enables to get noticed by others and their visitors. It also can fetch you quality and good backlinks where search engines are going to love. While adding comment try to be appreciative and make the conversation worth it. Sometimes you could also be controversial make you odd one out in the whole comment section. This could fetch you really good amount of visitors. And don’t worry about “Do-Follow” or “no-Follow”, makes no difference to the amount of traffic your blog receives. But it would be better if it’s a do-follow blog.

How to comment on a blog ?

Social Media

Nowadays users spend more time on social networks than on any other search terms or blogs. So we as bloggers need a strategy to build and drive traffic from these networks. The most popular ones are facebook and twitter. So if you want to drive traffic from these sources then have a share button by facebook and have tweet button by twitter. All I’m saying is make sharing of your post to various other social networking sites easy. There are several automated sites which publish your post or tweet your post onto your social profile, like Also social marker can be helpful.

What Happens if your article hits Front Page of any Social media site such as Digg, Twitter, Reddit ?

Paid Advertising

Not many choose this as their way to drive traffic. I suggest this is the best way to get more traffic. Why do you see more ads on TV than on any media, reason is millions of users have TV and publicising on it gets more attraction and popularity. For a facebook fanpage to go viral the best strategy is advertising on facebook itself by ads. The other ways for your post to go viral is that some sites like offer many kinds of “Gigs” as in jobs for $5, one such is “I will tweet your blog link/ post to my 3000 followers for $5”. This could fetch a good amount of traffic. One more way is buy advertising slot in any popular blogs in your niche and waits for the traffic to rise. And importantly make good friends.

Supercharge your Affiliate Conversions

IM Automator

This is a wonderful tool to get backlinks from various other bookmarking sites. It’s free and takes a very little time of yours. You go to IM Automator and post your URL, type your Meta title and description. It submits to more than 15 bookmarking sites. You are allowed up to 10 submissions per day, giving the potential for 150 back links to your article. You can submit the same article 10 times if you like, but I would advise changing the title and description a little. Now 15 are not many, but it is very fast to do and it can give your post a good bit of an extra boost in the rankings, resulting in good unique amount traffic.

Social Bookmarking Traffic, Is it Useful ?

SEO and Forums

SEO is so important that many bloggers are obsessed with it. Most bloggers depend on organic traffic than any special unique traffic. If you have a word press blog then no need to worry about as there are many such extended plugins for search engine optimizations. So I suggest you do research on keyword using Google keyword tool are target your audience.
Forums are another way to fetch good quality backlinks to your blogs. Also I suggest you be on blog-social networking sites like or, these are sites where your provide gist of your blog post and users will visit and vote for it, if it’s interesting then as number of vote increases then blog post goes viral there by fetching more traffic to your blog.

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  1. Very good post. My special thanks for mentioning IM Automator. I haven’t heard of this tool before but it really sounds like a good idea and worth trying out.

  2. Marlene says:

    I wish I had more time to visit and comment on other blogs, like I used to before. It’s really true, I gained more traffic and got more visits, too. I should try that IM Automator, first time I heard about this.

  3. AshleyPearson.Net says:

    Fiver is cool.

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