Top 5 Android Apps That Make Losing Weight Easy


Lose weight easily, keep it off and stay motivated with these great Android applications for weight loss and fitness support. These five highly rated Android applications will help you stay in shape and motivate you to stick to your disciplined diet plan. Review their features and evaluate the applications to choose the one that works best for you.

CardioTrainer + Racing Android Fitness Application

This application is a powerful combination of a cardio trainer and a racing application that challenges you to beat your best running times. The inbuilt virtual race simulator comes with a voice commentary that tells you how far ahead or behind you are when you run. You can opt to enhance your free CardioTrainer application with a weight loss module at very little additional cost. This weight loss module helps you stay on track of calorie intake and expenditure, helping you lose more pounds.

Endomondo Sports Tracker Android Fitness Application

This application is specifically designed for people who are into cardio workouts such as running, jogging, roller-skating, rollerblading and walking. With this application, you can keep track of the time you’ve spent doing the workout, the distance you’ve covered and the speed and altitude of your workouts. You can also review the history of your workouts. Since this application integrates with Google Maps, you can track your running route, and use the inbuilt audio playlist to listen to music as you workout.

Calorie Counter Android Fitness Application

If you’d like to stay on top of your calorie intake and your nutrition quotients every day, this is just the application you need. Input your height and age and allow the application to analyze your body statistics to come up with daily calorie intake recommendations. With these recommendations, you can easily achieve your weight and fitness goals. The inbuilt barcode scanner helps you analyze the nutritional content of products like various foods and even diets before you buy them. This way you won’t be buying the wrong product.

AllSport GPS Android Fitness Application

The AllSport GPS helps you to achieve more from your cardio workouts. Using this app, you can now track your running routes, speed, time taken, distance run and the calories burned while running, jogging or brisk walking. You can use different location maps, watch virtual races, download routes, speed and elevation graphs. You can connect to your Facebook and other online social media accounts using this app and share your workout statistics with friends.

Beer Gut Fitness Android Application

This application budgets your calorie intake for a day and tells you when it’s safe to drink a beer. If you’ve already
consumed your allotted calories that day, the application warns you drinking your favorite beer. The application also prompts you to exercise and tells you how long you need to exercise to make up for excess calorie intake. Using this application, you can keep your beer gut away. You can also estimate just how many additional calories your beers represent in your daily diet regime.

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    I have a very fast metabolism, so this doesnt really support me, as I am always skinny, but very interesting regardless.

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