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Have you ever tried Hootsuite, a third party web client for Twitter ? If not, make sure you try it once. One of the best web app for twitter that lets you to tweet, manage multiple accounts, twitter lists, Facebook, Linkedin Integration, Facebook pages,,, Foursquare etc. It acts as an all in one portal connecting all your social media profiles. With just one login and authorizing all your social media accounts with hootsuite, you can enjoy tweeting, facebooking etc.

From the creators of Hootsuite, there is a Firefox addon that lets you to post tweets from your Firefox address bar. Just type the tweet and hit the twitter icon button to send tweets to your account. Also it enables easy sharing of web pages and information with your twitter followers with the help of small hootbar sharing icon on the Firefox browser.

Hootbar is a simple Firefox addon that allows you to post messages to Twitter directly from your Firefox 4 address bar. When you download the HootBar you’ll also get the Hootlet (hootsuite bookmarklet) that helps in easy sharing via your hootsuite account (which is integrated with all your social profiles).

What makes it so special is the highlight of hitting the status updates in the address bar. Just type a message and append it with one of the HootBar commands to post directly to Twitter. If you want to share web pages or useful links, open the message in the Hootlet, choose multiple accounts, or choose from even more posting options.

List of HootBar commands:

–post : sends messages directly to Twitter
–hoot : opens the message in the Hootlet
–options : opens a new window with posting preference options, URL shortener options, etc.
–account : allows you to add multiple Twitter accounts

The first time when you install hootbar, you need to add your twitter account by authorizing it. Just open your Firefox browser.

Go to the address bar (where you type the website URL address, erase the website url and type “–options” without quotes. Now you can see the options panel of hootbar.

Just click the add account button and authorize your twitter account and start tweeting from the address bar of your Firefox 4.

If you want to share the currently watching video or information on the webpage, you can click the hootsuite icon beside the address bar to quickly share via your hootsuite account.

Download Hootbar Firefox

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