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Do you have a Facebook page for your business ? Is you’re facebook page customized so that you get to make business deals from it ? If you’re looking out to increase your business page fan base on facebook, then head over to here to learn the best secrets to increase facebook fan page. Also you can customize your Facebook business page with clear optimized landing pages using pagemodo. Now, if you’re company is seeking out for developers, designers, marketing and sales team, then use your Facebook page to attract careers option using Work For Us Facebook app. You can Post Jobs for Free on Facebook. Over 1,000 companies sign up every month.

Workforus a application that allows you to place job vacancies Facebook quickly and easily. Work for us facebook app lets you to post jobs for free on Facebook. It allows candidates to apply for jobs without leaving the page and also it increases the company visibility and socialize the jobs section. You can receive targeted applications and also with their own automated Facebook ads, you can run campaigns.

This tool is interesting to find employees, as everyone seems to have Facebook account these days. Due to the popularity of this network and more than 600+ million Facebook users, this is the right place to target on!

Once you’re into the Workforus application, it just asks you to select the facebook page where you need to install the workforus app. You can select the page, then start putting job offers fast and easy. Enter the type of job offer, description or job responsibilities and functions.

Once you list your job offer in Workforus, the same application gives you the option of creating a viral campaign on network with the idea that your offer will reach as many people as possible.

The Workforus will be listed on your Facebook page as a separate tab, so that when people come looking into your Facebook page, they can easily check out the workforus tab. You can also make this as a landing page. If you haven’t setup a landing page for your Facebook page, then learn here how to create Facebook landing pages.

WorkForUs Facebook app : Post Jobs for Free!

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