Nook or Kindle: Which Ebook Reader is Best for Your Blackberry?


I confess: I only bought my Blackberry once I found out that I could read ebooks on it. Gone were the days of having to wonder whose dirty hands a bulky, grimy, plastic-covered library book had last been in. Once I purchased my Blackberry Curve I experimented with different ebook readers, first starting with the Barnes & Noble Nook for Blackberry app. I chose the Nook for the simple reason that a scandalous autobiography I wanted to read was cheaper through Barnes & Noble than anywhere else, so the Nook had won this first round.

As my first e-reader ever, the Nook was impressive.  Just installing the app provided a list of free ebooks that I could read (including The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which I finished in one sitting while waiting at the doctor’s office). Nook also has a find feature, which didn’t function for me. Further investigation led me to discover that the find feature may work for some publishers, but not others. If it doesn’t work for you then it’s obviously useless, as this creates the problem of not being able to search through your ebook unless you’ve bookmarked sections you want to go back to later. Finally, what I really liked was that I could adjust the font and the text size of the ebook. The Blackberry has a very small screen, so font size is a big deal.

After many months of bliss with the Nook, I finally decided to download the Kindle for Blackberry app. Truth be told, I only ended up downloading it because my best friend and I decided to re-read a novel that we loved during our childhood. Too ashamed to spend actual money on it, we were happy to see that Amazon was selling the ebook cheapest. Round two went to the Kindle.

I was rather disappointed with the Kindle’s features for the Blackberry compared to the Nook’s. I wasn’t given any free extras that I could read the next time I was held up in a waiting room. Although the Kindle also has a bookmark feature, it didn’t have any find feature whatsoever. I could adjust the size of the text, but not the actual font, so I guess I was lucky in that I’ll never grow wary of Times New Roman. Most disappointingly, however, was that the book I downloaded the Kindle for has aged terribly, but I have no one to blame for that but myself and maybe R.L. Stine.

While I prefer the Nook app over the Kindle one, I would still recommend downloading both for your Blackberry. They’re free, and it’s good to have both just in case an ebook is cheaper at one store or unavailable at the other. Next time you’re stranded on a bus with nothing but your Blackberry, click open a good ebook using either app.

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  1. AshleyPearson.Net says:

    I love the kindle from Amazon though!

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