Open Multiple Facebook, Twitter Accounts in the Same Browser with Multifox Multi-session Addon


You can easily use two or more twitter, facebook accounts in the same browser. Normally if you have more than one account on a website, you cannot open more than one account in one browser window. You need to close a session to open the other, but with this small extension for Firefox, you can use multiple accounts at the same time.

Multifox is an extension that allows Firefox to connect to websites using different user names. Simultaneously! If you have multiple Gmail accounts, Facebook, Twitter accounts you can open them all at the same time. Each Firefox window, managed by Multifox, accesses an account without interfering each other.

Once you’ve installed, you can find an option named ‘New Identity Profile’ both in the context menu and file menu option. You can just simple right click the bookmark or link to select open in a new identity profile that helps you in accessing multi session of a single website.

Each Multifox window is flagged with a number indicating the identity profile. Logins made in windows with different numbers are isolated. If you need to access 5 Gmail accounts you will need 5 windows with different identity profiles. The identity profile of each window is preserved when Firefox restores the session. The identity profile number begins with 2 because, the 1 is considered the regular firefox window.

Download MultiFox addon for Firefox (Direct download link : Open the link from your Firefox browser)

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