How to Sync Google docs to Desktop folder for Offline use ?


If you’re planning to move all your data files into the cloud, then do it easily with Syncdocs, that can sync the files both at Google docs and your desktop folder. Simply select a folder on your PC, like “My Documents”, Syncdocs copies it online and across all your computers, automatically. This folder is then kept in sync.

You can easily sync your Google docs account with your desktop folder. Also you can view the desktop files directly on Google docs and all your files which you’re working on cloud *Google docs* will be sync automatically to the desktop folder, so that you can work offline too.

Syncdocs acts as a backup solution to Google docs, you can backup all your Google docs files to your pc folder. You can access your files from any computer or smartphone. Access your Google Docs even when offline. One of the major advantage of Sync docs is, you can save huge money on Office suite. You can use Syncdocs as office suite. No need for your users to have Microsoft Office to create, view or edit Office documents, locally and online.

It’s very easy to use. Google Docs is mapped as a network G-drive, your files are synced automatically. You can view the changes to the documents in real-time. Any folders or files you put in your Syncdocs folder automatically get synchronized to your Google Docs account and any other linked computer running Syncdocs.

How to Use Syncdocs to Enrich your Google docs Experience ?

1. Download Syncdocs

2. Install Syncdocs

3. Once you’ve installed it, it will ask for link to your Google account.

4. You need to enter your Google account and password to sync your Google docs account. (don’t worry, your account info is kept safe and private)

5. It will test your account information.

6. Now select the sync folder location where you need to sync the docs files.

7. That’s it, the configuring setup is complete and the Syncdocs will appear in the taskbar icon.

8. You can find a shortcut folder option in your desktop. Just drag and drop files into the folder, so that it syncs with your Google docs account.

9. From the local computer, you can open files, view files in Google docs. No need of Office suite, just right click any doc, ppt, excel file and view them in Google docs. The option is present in the right click context menu.

10. You can also create new document, presentation, spreadsheeet, form, drawing from your desktop. Click the Syncdocs icon in the taskbar, Go to New > you can create documents and other things such as email, calendar etc.

11. You can check the files which you’ve dropped into the local folder will be seen in your Google docs account. It has real-time sync.

12. Similarly, if you’ve created files in your Google docs account previously, it will be downloaded to your local computer folder. Two way sync it is!

That’s it! Go, give it a try at Syncdocs. If you’ve used Dropbox, then it is some what similar to it. Dropbox for Google docs. Also you can use Google docs like a Notepad in your PC

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