How to Remove Malware Toolbars in Browsers ?


In the recent news, Skype installs EasyBits Go crapware in your system without any prior knowledge. Not only skype, there are many softwares that comes bundled with unwanted crappy toolbars that kills your browser speed and user interface. Some of the crappy toolbars such as AVG safe search, AVG toolbar, acrobat toolbar, music toolbar, Conduit engine and many other browser helper objects.

Toolbar Cleaner is a speedy tool that removes unwanted toolbars. It is simple, fast and totally free. It can also remove Browser Helper Object (BHO), a add-in plug-in that modifies a web browser. These objects may be useful or harmful, like a spyware or adware program.

It can remove unwanted and crappy toolbars and BHO from Internet explorer, Firefox and also supports Chrome too! It can now remove apps from Google Chrome. If your Chrome browser has become unstable and crashes a lot, try running Toolbar Cleaner and removes the apps. Your browser should be more stable after that.

Download Toolbar Cleaner

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  1. I have a relation, whose kid has the habit of installing all the free games he sees. Problem with this is, those game softwares install crappy tool bars. May be I should teach them about Tool bar cleaner

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