How to Add Google Fonts to Webpages with Google Font API


Google has released professional Font API that can be used on any webpages to give more professional look. Fonts are the only thing that can turn your website into beautiful when visitors read. As we have already dealt with it, what are the best 3 fonts that makes your readers come back to your blog once again and also where to download free fonts for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. So apart from this, you can also use Google Font API which are released under open source license that can be freely used in any non-commercial or commercial web sites.

Google Font directory has a set of Google Web Fonts that lets you browse all the fonts available via the Google Web Fonts API. All fonts in the directory are available for use on your website.

You can visit the Google fonts directory and check out the varieties of fonts available. If you’re going to use it directly on a webpage, then you can click the ‘Use this font’ tab and insert the code in your webpage. If you’re going to use in Photoshop or any image editor, then you can download and install in your machine.

You can also launch their font previewer to type and see how it looks. It has lot of customizable options such as size, shadow, font spacing and lot more.

Google Fonts Directory

Download Free Fonts (Windows/Mac/Linux)

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  1. Ashley Pearson says:

    This is pretty cool. Madras geek gets a new font now? :)

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