Get Alert When High CPU usage on Windows with ResLoad Notifier


Sometimes applications in your PC consume high CPU resources and randomly hogging up CPU making all your background processes very slow and it will be damn annoying. Also sometimes, spyware and viruses that can bog your CPU down by creating multiple processes that requires your computer resources.

You can view your CPU resources just by going to task manager in Windows (Ctrl+ALT+Del) at the same time. So how do you get to know when there is a high CPU usage, also what are the programs that are causing this high CPU utilization ? Here is a free tool that lets alerts you with a message when there is a high CPU usage. If you’re using laptop, then you need to limit the CPU to save battery power. Normally CPU usage should be between 4-8%.

ResLoad Notifier is a free utility that helps you with a alert message when there is a high cpu usage. No installation or registration required. Just download and double click to use it. You can set alert when the overall CPU usage reaches higher and also set it to alert you when CPU is lower than a certain percentage.

Once you’ve configured in the options, remember to click the set button, so that the options get activated. You can also select what will happen to the application after the warning is shown: either bring it to front or close it.

Features of ResLoad Notifier :

  • Set notifications according to total cpu usage or usage of certain process
  • Show/Kill process after warning
  • Set notification method (Message box / tray notification / less annoying message)
  • Delayed Warnings
  • Automatically set warnings
  • Minimize to Tray option so that application won’t be annoying.
  • Start with Windows

Download ResLoad Notifier

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  1. This is a great tool….now i can be updated with my CPU usage all time…

  2. I think this will really help many people who use computer for too many tasks that can affect the health of the device. this will certainly work as a reminder helping each computer user in preventing the system hard disk from getting damage.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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