Encrypt PDF with Password using iSafePDF


There are several reasons why one should go for PDF encryption, because your PDF file may be confidential only to certain people it can be shown, also you don’t want anyone to read it and the value of your information is lost. So encryption PDF is the best method.

iSafePDF is a open source tool for editing, certifying and configuring your digital signature in your PDF files. Apart from this, you can also encrypt PDF files with password protect options. It supports PDF encryption using passwords user / owner, signature certificates, and Timestamp to PDF using the digital signature. It can also be used to edit metadata (author, description, keywords etc) a PDF file.

You can simply input a PDF file and also select the destination output so that you can edit your PDF metadata, also you can add digital signature and encrypt the file. Once you’re done, just hit the process button. This tool is an open source free tool.

All these features are standard features of PDF, so that your document will be readable / editable PDF with all the standard programs.

Download iSafePDF : PDF Protection Software

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  1. Mark waugh says:

    Awesome dude! Please give me another example about password using iSafePDF. Thanks a lot admin ;)

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