Download Multiple Images in Firefox with Image Picker


Suppose if you visit a website where it displays some hundreds of images that you need to download and at the same time you cannot be saving images each one by one. It’s a time consuming task. So, Firefox addons such as Image Picker comes to the rescue. It integrates with Firefox to pick images while you browse. It acts as a multiple image downloader with filter option.

Image Picker Firefox addon lets you to download multiple images in the webpage with option to filter images based on width, height, image type. Once you’ve filtered, you can download images in bulk from the webpage to your local disk.

Once you’ve installed the Image Picker firefox addon, it doesn’t appear in the toolbar beside your address bar. You need to drag and drop it on the toolbar to get the icon. Check the below image to find out how to get the Image picker icon.

So now you’ve got the image picker icon on your Firefox toolbar. Which ever webpage you visit, just click the image picker icon and it displays the window to filter images and download them in bulk.

Features of Image Picker Firefox addon :

  • Download images from the cache first.
  • Batch/Bulk download
  • Easily choose (filter) images by width ,height, size and type.
  • Image thumbnails view
  • Auto detect image name and size.
  • Auto create sub folder from page title.
  • Auto rename for existing files.
  • Select images by mouse

Download Image Picker Firefox Addon

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