Create Temporary Email to Avoid Spam


Protecting your email ID from the spammers is not a easy task. You may see offers around the web and enter your email ids and subscribe to them to get latest deals etc, but your email ids are sold to product spammers in larger scale which in return floods your inbox with spam emails.

So, how to avoid these spam emails ? Many a times, you may want to enter your email id for a temporary period say for 10 to 15 minutes to confirm some online accounts or to get the license codes etc. So for similar purposes, you can always prefer temporary email address to avoid these spam. Never use your personal or official email addresses.

Nowmymail is a service that creates a disposable email or a temporary email account. You just click the button to get your disposable email, put them where ever you want it and click the check email inbox to ge the mails.

It is completely free and helps us to avoid spam when you need to leave your mail address in sites you don’ trust enough. Using NowMyMail no one knows your real address. Nothing much to explain about its features and all that stuff. Simply get the email address, make your job done.

Nowmymail – Disposable Email

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  1. Tony says:

    I have never heard about this type of email before. Let’s me try it !

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